Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Final posting

Reflection of my lesson

- My partner and I pepared first by choosing a book which in our case was " Are you my mother?". Then we went off by describing what we would want to do for our lesson. It took a couple if trial and error scenes but at the end Dr. Luongo gave us a good start by offering her input on how we should try to work our assessment into the lesson.
- Our lesson plan was not executed as we thought it would be. I actually became really flusterred that I think my own temperarure went up. I felt hot, naucious, angry, dizzy any mood you name it but happy.
- I think what I wanted to teach the students was self control. That wasn't the intial intention of my lesson but do to all the behavior changes of the "students" I thought that self control was a good thing to teach students at the time.
- This actually didn't work because I don't think the quiet students actually had a chance to learn because of the roudy students. I gave more attention to the
misbehaved students than on the quiet students.
- What I learned from the students is that nothing is for certain, and that things happen that won't always go your way. I also learned that I need a back up for the lesson at hand.
- What I would have done differently was that I wouldn't allow much freedom in the class, I wouldn't have allowed the misbehaved students to sit in the front of the class or even near each others because that's a bigger distraction. I think I would have been less of a push over and more of a my way or the high way teacher.
- I think although my lesson didn't go as planned, in a real class scenario I do believe we did a good job. We could have enforced our behavior rules much better to attain a good behavior throughout the class but students can only sit for so long especially lower grade students.
- I need to be more effective on behavior tools and know for a fact that the students just want to keep their attention on something thy want to do so I could make a lesson that encorporates all the different learning styles it takes for a student learn.
- We planned on incorporating our podcast after reading our book. It would have been as a re-enforcement because in that grade (2) the way you might remember things is by constant repetition so while they had a handout to finish the podcast would
have been playing in the background as a memory jogger.
- We didn't use our pod cast in the lesson. We were too busy trying to stop the students from misbehaving that by the time we got aroun to it our time in teaching the lesson was up.
- They couldn't react to the podcast because we didn't have a chance to play it.
- What I as well as my partner could have done to encorporate the podcasting is actually start off with it and allow the students to come up depending on how they acted and actually have them touch the screen and hit play pause or even rewind if we needed to. This would make the students focus and by focusing that would make them more behaved because who doesn't want to come up the the smartboard and help the teacher at that grade.
- I would use podcasting in subjects as History, English, Science, but for Math I would use the smart board because it's more of an attention grabber.

Other students lessons
When the other students taught their lessons, I thought that the class acted out as they did when it was their turn to teach. Today's lesson with Beatrice and Hiedy the class was mainly quiet because they were quiet through the other students lessons. On the other hand, when Antonette and the other student taught their lesson the students acted out more because of how Antonette acted when other students taught their lessons. Although I don't agree with the way the class acted out in each lesson I understand that in some cases that is how most of the students act in a regular class.
I really enjoyed the different types of learning skills all the other teachers had encorported in their lesson plans. I enjoyed Kyle and Craigs. Lesson most because they actually used music as a learning tool they also used pictures and the actual book to ensure that all the students needs were met. I understand that students behave in different ways in many occasions and that one should watch what is said because they can actually go home and tell their parents what they heard and that can either get you on bad terms with the parents or it can cost you your job. I think that not only should the students learning skills should be met but also the students minds should be challenged enough to keep their minds busy enough to actually learn without being bored. What I'm trying to say is that students can't learn if their surroundings are too negative, that would cause them to get distracted and lose focus. All the studnets that taught met the mock students needs in the educational field.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

taught a lesson

Today Cristina and I taught our lesson. I think Cristina did a very good job despite being sick I loved her attitude. I on the other hand had a little difficulty trying to get the students attention. After a while, I just starred at them and they got somewhat quiet. I forgot that any little thing that one says or does can actually be held against them. I have to learn to control my stress,anxiety, frustration better because from what Dr. Luongo said today, it's not personal. I'm going to try to make things better in regards to keeping the classrooms behavior to a minimum. All in all I think we did a very good job despite some let downs.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

our last and final recording.

The following link is to our last and final recording of Are You My Mother?


Hope you enjoy the results. We are very proud of the outcome. We learned a lot while pod casting. I know now how to input a video onto this blogger system. It is very interesting.

Are you my Mother?

This is a video of the story Are you my mother?. Enjoy


Today we are thinking about what kind of lesson we would like to teach, it's either team teach or individual teach. We ( Cristina and I) came to the conclusion that we want to team teach. I will keep searching for amusing "stuff" to accompany our story. We pretty much have this in the bag but we can't be to cocky things happen.

On a different subject it is still pretty hot in this lab.

Dr. Luongo's rss2

So Dr. Luongo sent me a link and stated that she wanted it in my blog so


Friday, September 25, 2009

courtesy of youtube


just click on the link and you will see the story being read with emphasis on the words. its a joy to listen to.